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for tv

In this newscast, I covered a historic collaborative event for my university Capstone course.

for the radio

In this podcast, I caught up with the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation as I discussed step therapy, its harmful consequences, and what the foundation and listeners can do to help.

music through distance

I covered the DC public schools beat for my university's final news writing course. 


I wrote about the challenges of teaching music in the age of social distancing, and how Covid-19 restrictions impacted students' music and arts education. 

Then, I wrote a feature story about one beloved DC teacher.

special education during the pandemic

I also wrote about how Covid-19 restrictions impact special education, and students, parents and teachers' ability to create environments that are conducive to critical learning.

The GW Hatchet

During my freshman year of college, I wrote two stories for GW's independent student newspaper. 

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